Gifts For Him! 40+ Items!

We all Know Christmas shopping is hard and stressful, especially for the men in your life! Well I have a Gift List for Him that will make your Christmas shopping a winter breeze! Whether its your boyfriend, husband, friend, or family! I’m sure you can find the right present for the men in your life! I checked with the Lover to make sure they were guy approved! Also I’m going to put them in order by category because there are quite a few to chose from each one! Merry shopping lovely’s!



 Club Monaco Quilted Crew


Club Monaco MA-1 Sweatshirt


Club Monaco Joe V-Neck T-Shirt


Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Hilfiger Solid Slim Fit Dress Shirt


Men’s Nordstrom Men’s Shop Trim Fit Solid Oxford Dress Shirt


David Donahue Regular Fit Dress Shirt


David Donahue Textured Trim Fit Dress Shirt


BKE Chambray Tie


BKE Chambray Tie


ASOS Slim Tie In Green


ASOS Slim Tie In Black


ASOS Slim Tie In Navy

Wrangler Men’s Advanced Comfort Slim Straight Jeans


Nike Slim-Fit Tapered Cotton-Blend Tech Fleece Sweatpants


adidas Men’s ClimaCool Tiro 17 Soccer Pants


Rip Curl Men’s Prismatic Anti Series Fleece Hooded Jacket


Patagonia Men’s Nano-Air® Jacket


Patagonia Men’s Iron Forge HempTM Canvas Ranch Jacket


Bulova Men’s Grammy® Awards Special Edition Precisionist Stainless Steel Watch


Bulova Men’s Special Edition 2017 Grammy Black Silicone Strap Watch 46mm


Bulova Automatic Skeleton Watch, 43mm


Bulova Men’s Two Tone Automatic Skeleton Watch


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Tourbillon Chronograph


Bulova Men’s Chronograph Watch




Gentle Monster Pulp Fiction 53 MM Wayfarer Sunglasses


Oakley Frogskins Rounded Square Sunglasses


Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarer Sunglasses


Gucci Square-frame acetate sunglasses




Men’s Made In Italy Leather Belt


Merona Men’s 32mm Cut Edge Belt With Stitch Detail – Goodfellow & Co. Brown




Etsy Personalized Wallet for Men, Custom Money Clip Wallet, Leather Money Clip Wallet


levi’s Troy Tri-Fold Wallet


nautica Mystic Leather Passcase Wallet


Herschel Felix Wallet Grey Crosshatch


Matix Men’s Standard Wallet



Etsy Leather Earbud Holder / Cord Cable Earbud Earphone Headphone Organizer Cord Keeper Wrap-Natural



Beats by Dr. Dre UrBeats Earbuds



Apple AirPods


Beats By Dr. Dre Pill Speaker


JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Speaker


Braven Balance Portable Waterproof HD Bluetooth Speaker



Fitbit Classic Charge 2 Large Fitness Wristband Smartwatch





Nautica By Nautica For Men



Nautica Blue 1.7 Fl Oz


Nautica Voyage N83 2 PC Set


Nautica Men’s Cologne Gift Set


Hope you found something you and/or your man couldn’t live without!

Next post will be for Gifts for her so look out for it this Thursday!

Till Next Time,,

xoxo AylaLaraine





Recap of November

I feel good about this last month. It was a productive month especially since this is the first month I’ve stuck to a schedule. I planned stuff out and stuck with it, I still need to work on promoting better but we all learn with time and practice! Also Working Full Time, having a boyfriend, and still trying to get though life can take a lot but we manage to still have time to write and recuperate!

I want to thank you all again for reading! Down below are the posts from November! We got fashion, inspiration, and all around goodness! I hope you all are ready for a joy filled December!

November posts:

Big Things, Start Small

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Top Ten Tuesday

How To Deal With Everyday Struggles

Giving Thanks

Olive Oil Hair Care *UPDATE*

November hair care:

Aussie Shampoo W/ Pump

Aussie Conditioner w/ pump

Aussie 3 Min miracle conditioner

Wet Brush Duet Wet Brush & Squirt Detangling Hair Brush Set

hint hint, Gift guides Coming next posts!

Till Next Time,,

xoxo AylaLaraine


Big Things, Start Small

Don’t you think life itself is such an unbelievable thing in general. That’s a pretty hmmm sentence. Just think you were super tiny growing inside your mother’s belly, you grew bigger and bigger each day, you started to look more like a human each and every day, growing a heartbeat, brain waves, toes, fingers. It’s just amazing to me how a woman can grow a human.

Just so you know, My sister in law is pregnant! Yay!!! So on Saturday we when to an ultrasound to find out the gender! Now this is my first real life baby ultrasound to experience And it was amazing! I mean seriously there is a human inside of you! And it’s amazing what technology can do now a days!

The place where we went was a cute little place, had a small waiting room then you went into a little bit big room where the ultrasound is plus they had two couches for family and some baby toys for those who already been though this. There is a huge projector on the wall so you and your whole family can see the baby which was unbelievable! You can also get 3D picture of your baby which is cool and creepy at the same time! Hahaha

So I’m sure you guys are wondering what the gender is!?!


Auntie Ayla Prince Charming (:

If you have any tips tricks or baby shower ideas pleasee let us know!?!

Till next time,,

xoxo AylaLaraine

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Gobble Gobble Gobble!!

Thanksgiving is finally here! I just wanted to make a short post to tell everybody Happy Thanksgiving!!! Unfortunately I work alll day today, literally from 5am to 10pm! But I’m gunna be thankful for the paycheck later!(: plus some thanksgiving decorations around the house!

It’s gunna be a giving and thankful day! Don’t forget to be thankful for your life and all the wonderful people you have in it!! Don’t forget to give in life instead of take take take! The more you give the more happiness you receive!

This day is a day to stuff your face full of amazing food and be thankful and happy and giving!! Just talking about it makes me happier and thankful for today!

Hope you guys have an thankful and giving thanksgiving!!(:

Till next time,,

Xoxo AylaLaraine

Top Ten Tuesday

Good morning! Thanksgiving is on Thursday, are you all ready to eat, sleep and repeat till all the left overs are gone!? I’m pretty sure that’s my favorite part about thanksgiving..  the left overs! To be honest I don’t really like left overs other than mashed potatoes and turkey! Gobble gobble!

With thanksgiving about to past though, that means it will actually feel like winter! Can you believe Winter doesn’t actually start till December 21st!? That’s way to far away! Okay only a month away but still, I love Winter! I know where some of you readers are from it’s snowing and definitely winter but here in Tucson… we got to the 90’s this last week… The 90’s! I haven’t even pulled out extra blankets yet!! Honestly I love Winter mostly cause there isn’t a lot of bugs and it’s easier to stay warm rather then cool off, so with that being said here are my top 10 picks for activewear jackets! We need to stay warm but still be active! Plus being active warms up your body so win win situation!(:


  1. FOREVER 21 Active Inspire Graphic Jacket

What Better way to inspire then to wear it!?


2. The Balance Collection Danique Lace Up Hoodie

It’s all in the details! Love the lace up look!


3.adidas Originals Pink Superstar Track Jacket

One it’s Pink, Two it’s Adidas, Three it’s a big comfy jacket!


4.Soybu Active Justine Jacket

This one is just so simple but still so cute! and it has thumb holes!


5. Women’s Patagonia ‘Better Sweater’ Jacket

Patagonia Jackets are super warm and comfy! Plus this is a ‘Better Sweater’ ! haha


6. The Balance Collection Skye Cowl Neck Hoodie

again with the details! the mesh just adds a little something to a simple jacket!


7. Marika The Force Hoodie

This one is a good color! It could go with everything and anything!


8. Splits59 Volley Pullover

A little something for those not so hot winter days, and because showing a little skin never hurts!


9. Expedition Base Layer Top

another one cause its pink, cozy, and got them thumb holes!


10. Mount Cannon Fleece Jacket

Last but never least, another black comfy jacket, this one is fleece so it will for sure keep you warm!

Hmmm, Let Winter Begin! (:

I hope you guys can find something warm and cozy and can still move in!

Got any Top 10 Tuesday list ideas? Holla at me, I love hearing ideas not in my brain!

Till next time,,

Xoxo AylaLaraine

How To Deal With Everyday Struggles

Everyday is a new day. Everyday comes with its own obstacles and feelings. Everyday is a chance to start over again and know that the past is the past. Look forward to the future! I have to remind myself that every single day, you should too. It lets me know that no matter what I’ve done, I can be forgiven. We all live with the everyday struggle of life its self.

One thing I try to practice daily is Yoga. I just started recently like maybe 4 months ago but in the last month I’ve practiced a bit more often. I just practice at home by watching a video on YouTube or download an app, which ever one I feel like. I realized how much it helps me to relax and also stretch cause I sit day almost all day at work, so win win situation for me!

One other thing that makes me feel so much better with an everyday struggle is reading my bible! I have the Bible app and it’s amazing cause however you are feeling they have verses for you to read for a pick me up! And you can also create images with your favorite verses which is so much fun! It definitely gets you mind off whatever it is, and you can connect with the Holy Spirit, yet another win win situation!(:

I want you all to know and take from this post that you are loved, you are beautiful, and you have been forgiven from whatever past is on your mind. So put the past behind you and bring the future forward. Learn, Laugh, Love ❤️

Till next time,,

Xoxo AylaLaraine

Giving Thanks

Thanks giving is right around the corner and with all the stuff that is running though our heads during the holiday season we seem to get caught up in the world around us and not really appreciate what life really has to offer.

I havent posted in a really long time and I feel like I lost the reason why I started this blog in the first place. To be honest I started it for a little extra money, soon after i relizied it was more work behind the sences then what I just scroll though on my favorite bloggers websites. I didnt have time or energy to keep up with a new blog and a full time job plus a boyfriend. Well the full time job couldnt go and neither could the boyfriend so it looks like the new blog got pushed all the way to the bottom, which in the long run was for the better. I got to figure out what I really want and love in life. Im only 20 years young, I still dont know what excatly I love to do in life. I love so many things that I cant chose just one. I guess thats why its called a lifestyle blog haha but Im back and giving thanks!

Im giving thanks to everyone who inspires and supports me to find what I love in life.. whether it be yoga, health, fashion, or just love in general. Thanks for being there and being an amazing person in this huge world ! I want you to know that you are wonderful and loved no matter what happens in life.

So today I’m giving thanks for life and everything in it, I ask you to giving thanks to people who you appreciate! You never know, it could make their whole day with just a simple Thank you!!!

Till next time,

Xoxo AylaLaraine

Olive Oil Hair Care *UPDATE*

Helllooo, Good morning, Happy November! How’s was y’all October? Are you excited for November?! October was Crazy for me as you could see I didn’t post at all /: but no worries sometimes life just gets in the way of things! We are back at it again! And ready to get these fingers moving!

For starters I want to up date you guys on my olive oil hair care post.. so I used this olive oil shampoo and conditioner from a salon that I went to in the beginning of September, unfortunately the salon lady convinced me to buy it cause my hair felt gross and it was on sale … well 56 dollars and two months later, I don’t like it.

The first thing I noticed was it made my hair feel even more gross, I figured it’s cause my hair wasn’t use to it yet.. nope still not working.. I tried just using conditioner and that worked for a week then my hair was getting super oily.. so either super dry or super oily?! A couple nights ago I finally had enough so while I was taking a shower I saw my old shampoo and conditioner figured I would use it and hope that my hair will feel crappy so I won’t feel bad about spending money on the other ones.. It didn’t! My hair feels better with my regular cheap shampoo and conditioner over some fancy designer brand that cost more a whole lot more. I guess you could take this as a lesson learned. Don’t be afraid to try new things, but they don’t always work out in the end.

This is my $6 shampoo and conditioner that I use and now stand by forever! Plus it smells better as well (;

Aussie Shampoo w/ pump

Aussie Conditioner w/ pump

Aussie 3 Min miracle conditioner

Till Next Time

xoxo AylaLaraine

Olive Oil Hair care + Haircut

I don’t always get a haircut but when I do, I do it myself. I have had a lot of horrifying experiences at hair salons where I tell them one thing, trust the person holding scissors with a hair cutting degree, and they do the complete opposite. Why?!

So with all the being said, I took my chances and went to cost cutters. It literally felt like I was getting my first hair cut again! So she trimmed the length, perfect. I had cut my own bangs a little over a week before hand, Kind of the reason I went in the first place. I asked her to see what she can do to make them side bangs and not straight across anymore! Now they were just cut so they are still pretty short but with her magic scissors and hair cutting degree, she managed to give me a hair style that I asked for and loved! + Braided my hair for free (:

So she washed my head and we sat down to get to cutting. she was telling my about how she could tell I wasn’t use high quality brands for my hair cause they brand I use has plastics and paraffin and basically icky stuff in it. Yea, yea, yea I have heard to all to many times! then she said “Let me show you on your own hair”. Hmm OK. She took her scissors are started to lightly scrap a section of hair towards the ends, what was on the scissors afterwards? A line of white gunk that came off my hair!!! So Here is the real reason for this post!

I bought Olive Oil Shampoo and Conditioner!

I normally never by stuff from a salon cause ONE they try to just sell you things all the time and TWO they are normally way more money there when I could get it online or at Walmart. Well I brought something at the salon and at first I wasn’t happy with myself, I never looked into professional brands so I figured I just spent money on the same thing I have at home, its not going to help much, and she was just trying to selling my something on sale. Well either way I brought it so what the heck! I haven’t used it yet because I really want to notice the difference so tonight will be the start of something new!

My hair right now is frizzy and breakable! I don’t use heat products or hair products other than hairspray every once in awhile. I will update you guys in a week or so when I can really feel and see the difference! If any of you guys have use this product before and have comments and reviews please bring them my way! I love to hear your opinions!

Have a Wonderful Week and Happy Monday Lovelys!










ShopStyle Favorites

Pinterest Primer

Wanderlust + Co

Hot Glue and Imagination

There are soooo many things you can do with hot glue! I honestly didn’t even realize how many things you can do with hot glue till I saw all these short videos on insta and I was in easy diy heaven! Hot Glue makes life easier! It dries fast and is sticky but you can still mess with it if absolutely needed which is great from mess up people like me..

Well to kill some time in my life I used hot glue and a couple old hair pieces to make an adorable diy phone case!! I don’t know about you but I get tired of the same old case pretty fast.. I just get bored easily tbh but that’s okay cause I got a cute phone case out of boredom (:

So basically I had three sparkly headbands that I never wear and a hair bow that was falling apart, trash them? Absolutely not! Reuse them!

I cut the headbands to basically go from one side to the other of the case. Also to be honest I had no idea what I was gunna do hahaha just kind of winged it! Then I started glueing! I just messed around with some patterns but went with a simple stripe! Just start gluing till you have reached the top, I put a silver on in the middle where the bow is cause it’s an off color and little bit wider band to hold the bow better!

The hair bow I used was falling apart from its bow form sooo I had to hot glue that back together first, easy peesy lemon squeezey.. not I got hot glue all over my fingers and more on the bow then I hoped but hey it was still fun and I completed it lol

While I was getting my bow to the proper form I had sprayed the case with hairspray so the glitter doesn’t come off so easily, it definitely worked but I still get one or two glitters that stick to my hand once in awhile!

Okay so we’ve cut, patterned, glued, and glued some more! Time for final touches! Glue your bow on, spary one more time with hairspray! And your done!!

PS if you have any fringes I just took a lighter to them really quick! And also I covered my camera hole then cut it out later with a razor blade and lightered the ends!

Have a wonderful weekend !(:


BeYOUitful !(: