Olive Oil Hair care + Haircut

I don't always get a haircut but when I do, I do it myself. I have had a lot of horrifying experiences at hair salons where I tell them one thing, trust the person holding scissors with a hair cutting degree, and they do the complete opposite. Why?! So with all the being said, I … Continue reading Olive Oil Hair care + Haircut


Hot Glue and Imagination

There are soooo many things you can do with hot glue! I honestly didn't even realize how many things you can do with hot glue till I saw all these short videos on insta and I was in easy diy heaven! Hot Glue makes life easier! It dries fast and is sticky but you can … Continue reading Hot Glue and Imagination


Don't you just hate it when something doesn't go your way? You plan everything out, you get excited, then boom something happens and everything is ruined..well so you thought. Everything happens for a reason.You have Probably heard it too many times before but somethings go bad just to bring you something better! Embrace the happiness … Continue reading EVERYTHING HAS A PURPOSE


Good morning world 🌎 These last couple of weeks have been a going couple of weeks, no thinking just going and going... I finally got some time to sit and think. To sit and ask and thank to more specific. It's amazing how we are have no idea what to do and feel so lost, … Continue reading Faith

The Best Skin & Hair Care for Cheap!

Woo! Woo! Its a Monday again! It's the beginning of the week! One day till the beginning of August! A few days till the beginning of school starting here! You know what needs to happen at the beginning of the your day?! The Best Skin & Hair care for Cheap! Also for everyday use! These … Continue reading The Best Skin & Hair Care for Cheap!

Five Friday Favorites

Good Morning! Good Morning! Happy Friday loves! This week has gone by so fast! Time flies when your having fun I guess! So I figured to make things fun and simple I'd do a Friday Favorites post! These are five pictures I found in my phone that are just my favorite things!(: Enjoy! Sorry if … Continue reading Five Friday Favorites

Monday Fun Day!

Happy Monday Fun day!!!!How have you guys been?! I feel like its been forever and its been like three days...We went camping this weekend... It rained but it was still really awesome and fun to be out in the woods with no service, very relaxing! Its kind of funny cause your sitting out there like … Continue reading Monday Fun Day!

Pillows under $15

Happy Fri-yay! I figured since summer is here and school is almost back in session! Check out some adorable pillows I have found for the dorms!! (: There is a pillow or pillows for every theme ! Stay comfy! Alphadecor Cushion Cases Of Elephant,for Dance Room,couch,kids Girls,dance Room,couples 20 X 20 Inches / 50 By … Continue reading Pillows under $15

Vlogging! Should I?

Hey lovely readers!  I have a quick question to ask! Should I start a vlog?! I've been wanting to start vlogging for a little while but was nervous. I start a blog first to get the handle of stuff but now I kinda really want to vlog! Plus I got my lover a off brand … Continue reading Vlogging! Should I?

Mmm the rain..

Rain, rain don't go away. Please come back to play Mmm I just love the rain, especially in Arizona, it just makes everything so green and alive! The slow drizzle sound, the fresh rain smell, the chilled breeze.. I just never want it to go away! I could be so stressed out, go outside in … Continue reading Mmm the rain..