Believe and trust in god, I promise you’ll make it though


I’ve come to realize that everything happens for a reason, good times or bad times we need God to make it easier to survive!

God has done a lot in my life and is still working every minute to make it even better. I couldn’t imagine life without knowing he is always there when you need him! I wasn’t raised in a very godly family, but between my friends, loved ones, and my own beliefs I have become closer to God and couldn’t be happier with life!

It’s so nice to know you have somebody that knows everything already and you can always talk to when you are feeling like you’re about to fall apart, he will always be there to put you back together!

There is drama everywhere you go but I know personally that if you trust in God , everything will turn out fine.


 Believe, Trust, and know God is always there for you!