Olive Oil Hair care + Haircut

I don't always get a haircut but when I do, I do it myself. I have had a lot of horrifying experiences at hair salons where I tell them one thing, trust the person holding scissors with a hair cutting degree, and they do the complete opposite. Why?! So with all the being said, I … Continue reading Olive Oil Hair care + Haircut


Hot Glue and Imagination

There are soooo many things you can do with hot glue! I honestly didn't even realize how many things you can do with hot glue till I saw all these short videos on insta and I was in easy diy heaven! Hot Glue makes life easier! It dries fast and is sticky but you can … Continue reading Hot Glue and Imagination

Preparation: A Lesson from Hurricane Irma

This is reality, the truth, and I had to share with more of the world !(:


I don’t know about you, but it seems like the level of devastation and destruction is at an all time high here recently. Between Harvey and Irma, mother nature has been giving us a run for our money.

And I just want to say, my heart and prayers go out to all those who have been impacted by these horrific natural disasters. My heart breaks for those who are left to pick up the pieces.

Hurricanes are something else. It’s like, you get two – maybe three days – of a “heads up” to plan for the end of the world.

Living in NYC during Hurricane Sandy back in 2012, I remember the chaos in the days leading up to the storm.


And scanning social media today of all the photos of empty grocery shelves and Walmart looking straight out of the Zombie apocalypse, I was brought back to that…

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My words on Life

LIFE...Sometimes life takes you no where, sometimes life takes you everywhere! Where ever you are, what ever your doing! Enjoy it. It's meant to be that way. Embrace YOUR life cause that's the one your living, not somebody's else. I had to take a class for work the other day and one of the get … Continue reading My words on Life


Don't you just hate it when something doesn't go your way? You plan everything out, you get excited, then boom something happens and everything is ruined..well so you thought. Everything happens for a reason.You have Probably heard it too many times before but somethings go bad just to bring you something better! Embrace the happiness … Continue reading EVERYTHING HAS A PURPOSE

Wanna Be Stress Free?

Good morning sunshine's! It's one week into August (only 3 weeks & 3 days left!), it's the 8th month in 2017 which means we only have 4 more months left till 2018! Just like everybody else I want to start the new year off the best and happiest I can, Set new goals, achieve the … Continue reading Wanna Be Stress Free?

Simple Breakfast

Lately I've been trying to relax more and unwind, forget about the troubles around me. Maybe not for all of you but cooking helps me do that cause I have to focus on what I'm doing right now rather then three days from now! So I'd like to share a super simple Step-by-Step french toast … Continue reading Simple Breakfast


Good morning world 🌎 These last couple of weeks have been a going couple of weeks, no thinking just going and going... I finally got some time to sit and think. To sit and ask and thank to more specific. It's amazing how we are have no idea what to do and feel so lost, … Continue reading Faith

The Angry Feminist

This post is a much needed to heard post! We all want respect so we should give others respect no matter who, what, or where they are! God said to love thy enemies, Do it for Jesus not just yourself 😊❤️🙏


Warning: this post may be slightly unpopular.

You know what fashion trend I am completely over? Shirts with words on them.

You know what I’m talking about…they’ll have random words like, “How about Tacos” or “#squad” or something like “Laundry Day.” The whole I’m-really-trying-to-look-like-I’m-not-trying look. And listen buddy, you ain’t foolin’ anybody. Just take your poly/cotton blend attempt at irony back to the dumpster fire that is Forever 21 where it belongs.



But since I’ve been back in NYC, I’ve noticed the tone of these said “word shirts” have gotten…well…hostile.

And women, I’m looking at us.


I’ve seen shirts with language such as “No Uterus, No Opinion,” “Not your P####,” “Feminist as F@%#,” “Who Runs the World? Girls,” “F#*%ing Nasty Woman,” and my personal favorite…”She’s Beauty, She’s Grace, She’ll Punch You in the Face.”

Frankly, I’m disgusted.

Listen, I am all for celebrating womanhood and the feminine…

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The Best Skin & Hair Care for Cheap!

Woo! Woo! Its a Monday again! It's the beginning of the week! One day till the beginning of August! A few days till the beginning of school starting here! You know what needs to happen at the beginning of the your day?! The Best Skin & Hair care for Cheap! Also for everyday use! These … Continue reading The Best Skin & Hair Care for Cheap!