Wanna Be Stress Free?

Good morning sunshine’s!

It’s one week into August (only 3 weeks & 3 days left!), it’s the 8th month in 2017 which means we only have 4 more months left till 2018! Just like everybody else I want to start the new year off the best and happiest I can, Set new goals, achieve the old goals, and just be in love with life no matter where God takes me!

I’ve been known to stress over little things, non-stop think my self crazy, and just not know how to relax when needed best. With that being said, I’ll share with you my little secret to try to stay relaxed when I get all worked up! are you ready? Mediation. That is it, just about 5-10 mins of focusing on nothing but breathing, I mean you do need to breath to live so why not focus on something you need rather then those stupid things that your stressing over.


One of the simple ways to mediate is to use an app on your phone cause I mean who doesn’t have their phone with them 95% of the time. Plus if you start to mediate you should continue it as a daily habit (the same time everyday, morning is best), apps on your phone can help a lot with that aspect of it as well. One app that I use is Simple Habit. Now I just downloaded it last week and started their Simple Habit Starter, which is 7 days of mediation w/ a daily reminder, So far I’ve loved the app and everything it has to offer with the free version, there is an upgraded version to unlock all the classes and teachers but just starting out I don’t really care to pay for something yet. Money is one reason I’m stressing, I’m not going to put money in to get more stress out of trying to be less stressful lol


As I said above, if you are really stressing or just can’t stop your brain from going a million miles an hour, talk about waste of brain gas, then mediation maybe a fix to your one of your life problems! If you have just 5 minutes of free time then you have time to sit, stand, lay down and just breath… You never know how 5 minutes a day can change you whole aspect on life.

Simple Habit App

Simple habit as nothing to do with this post, all opinions are of my own!

Do you have a mediation or a yoga app that you love!? I love trying out new apps so please let me know of some!







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