The Best Skin & Hair Care for Cheap!

Woo! Woo! Its a Monday again! It’s the beginning of the week! One day till the beginning of August! A few days till the beginning of school starting here! You know what needs to happen at the beginning of the your day?!

The Best Skin & Hair care for Cheap! Also for everyday use!

These products are all products I use and swear by to be my favorite, I really wanted to share these with you cause not only do they work but your not going to break the bank buying and trying! I’m not rich by all means! I live paycheck to paycheck and search for the best, cheapest product!

On to the goodness! I’m going to go from the top of the body to the bottom!

First things first! Aussie Mega Moist Shampoo and Conditioner with Pump cause it makes it a lot much easier in the shower!

Okay ya’ll ! This right heerr! This is a hair saver! I dyed my hair a few more times then I should have to get the color I wanted this last time..My hair hated me for it! I remembered I used this like 7 years ago cause it was in my mama’s shower so I figured I’d give it a try for myself, fell in love with it plus its only like $3 ! Again, a hair saver!

This Wet Brush is a knotty hair saver! It has flexible bristles to move easier with your tangles, It takes some time to get use to cause the way the brush feels going though your hair is just weird but after a few days you start to noticed that your hair is so much more softer and I believe my hair is growing a bit faster as well. They are on the pricey side for a hair brush, since I’m use to shopping at the dollar store. The mini one like in this picture isn’t to pricey and its easy it carry with you everywhere!

On to the face! I use the Sea Breeze w/ 100% cotton rounds! I don’t use the Sea Breeze everyday cause it starts to dry out my face but when I can tell my face is oily or I just need a good face cleaning then I will use it! I get sensitive skin because it’s all ready a deep cleaner and I like to protect my face from super harsh chemicals!

Serious Skincare is Serious about Skincare! This is a face saver! If you read my last post about my favorite things, this was number one! It’s a spot treatment so you don’t have to cover your whole face in stuff just to get rid of one pimple! You just use a Q-tip to dip it in the bottom of the bottle, then dab it on the targeted pimple. Done! Your suppose to use it as soon as your see or feel it but either way it works, just needs a couple more days if its already to the surface!

This one is easy, It’s Dove Deodorant for Sensitive Skin. I just love the feel and smell of Dove! I would get this in any scent but all they have a Walmart was this one cause everybody loves Dove!

Okay, This one is a little different! It says for Hair and Scalp but I use it for shaving. I love the softness that coconut oil and hemp give my skin, especially after shaving. Shaving cream is to much money and messy. I put this in a old conditioner pump to make it even easier! Just pump, shave, and instant smoothness! You don’t have to use as much cause its a oil type, So you get more, use less, and spend less! Win, Win, Win! I don’t use this exact brand but I do use a coconut oil and hemp conditioner, I got mine at a Ross store so its an off brand from somewhere!

Well there you go almost everything I use to stay clean and smooth(:

Here they all are again!
Aussie Mega Moist Shampoo with Pump • Aussie • $6.99

Aussie Mega Moist Conditioner with Pump • Aussie • $6.99

Aussie® 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Conditioning Treatment – 8oz • Aussie • $2.97

Wet Brush Squirt Mini Detangler Brush – Pink • $4.99

Serious Skincare Continuously Clear Dry Lo Spot Treatment • $24.50

Sea Breeze Sensitive Skin Astringent • $5.79

Swisspers Exfoliating Cotton Rounds • $2.49

Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant Sensitive Skin • Dove • $3.59

Herbal Coconut Oil for Skin by Uncle Harry’s Natural Products (4oz Oil) • $5

What are some everyday skin and hair care you live by?! I’m always up for trying new things!











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