Five Friday Favorites

Good Morning! Good Morning! Happy Friday loves!

This week has gone by so fast! Time flies when your having fun I guess!

So I figured to make things fun and simple I’d do a Friday Favorites post! These are five pictures I found in my phone that are just my favorite things!(:


Sorry if you like yellow starburst but my favorite are the pink! Not only cause of the color, even though that is 90% why lol. I also just love this quotes cause it’s cute and quirky!


This right here , it is truly a life saver and not to mention a face saver as well! I don’t break out that often but when I do they are all over the place! This Spot treatment is the best because you can just dab it on the exact pimple you need gone! Again, Life and Face Saver!


Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese + Made with love by the lover! I mean who couldn’t resist this lunch?


Of course the Lover had to be featured in my favorites! why? cause he is my absolute favorite out of all these! Without him I don’t know where I would be right now but I do know I wouldn’t have been this happy! Love you Tooshy! (:


And last but not least… French Braids! I absolutely love the french braid! Its so easy to do and perfect hairstyle for long hair during summer! Add a bow or flower into the braid for even more perfection!

So this last week went by fast but hey at least I can say I had tons of fun! What did you do over this week that was super fun? What about this weekend?!

Here is the Serious Skincare Spot treatment, Again! Like I said, This is a face saver!











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Pinterest Primer

Wanderlust + Co


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