Hair w/ a little makeup

Goood Morning World!! 

Well in this post I will show you how easy it is to do your hair! Also what one bow can do to make your hair look 10x cuter! Plus a little makeup!


So to start off I use a wet brush ! These brushes work wonders, Before I used a wet brush I would hate brush my wet hair so i would just leave it till it dried but then it was super knotty so it just didnt matter anyways.. then I got a wet brush.. It changed my hairs life! I can brush my hair whenever I want and it never hurts! I really recommend getting one actually I got the wet brush for my mother and grandmother for mothers day!! haha

So I Usually just pull my hair half up, put it in a ponytail and clip a cute bow right above the hair tie! or My favorite thing is to use a bow that has a barrette on the back (you can always make one as well), I feel this keeps my hair back but it doesn’t give me that too tight ponytail headache! BTW, The lover got the blue and pink bows at the pima county fair when it was here! how sweet !(:

Don’t mind my stupid faces in the mirror….

Alright, Here is just a little makeup that I do. I don’t normally wear makeup cause it bothers my eyes and is just super annoying but if I feel like i need to be extra pretty or just super bored but work, I might as well do some!

So simple enough I use eyeliner on only half of my bottom and I try to put a little bit on half of the top crease but it doesn’t matter if you can’t. Other then eyeliner and mascara, I like red lipstick if I’m gunna wear some but again I don’t really like to wear makeup lol

I hope you enjoyed learning the simplest hair style ever but probably one of the cutest!

Have a wonderfully beautiful day!


Write to ya next time!



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